Cards are now available for your team in Trello

When you integrate a lumio collection with a Trello list, all new cards saved in that collection will be sent to the selected Trello list as Trello cards.

This is how to do the integration.

1) Open a Trello board and click 'Show menu' in the top right corner (see below).

2) Click 'More', then click 'Email-to-board Settings' (see below).

3) Select the 'List', choose 'Position' (top or bottom), then copy the email address (see below), you’ll need to insert it into the lumio app. You can have one email address per Trello board.

5) Now go to lumio and open a collection, click 'More actions' in the collection header, and select 'Add to Trello'.
Insert the copied Trello email address in the data field (see below), click Done and you're done.

Add cards to the collection and voilà, there they are in Trello!

Important notes:
Cards saved in a collection before linking it to Trello will not be posted to Trello. Pro tip: remove and add existing cards to the collection again to have them in Trello.
Editing cards in Trello won’t affect the cards in lumio.

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