Your cards are now available for your team in Slack

We are happy to announce that lumio has now integrated messaging app Slack. From now on, all your saved content in lumio will perfectly fit in your general workflow. Save with lumio any content you don`t want your team to miss, it will become automatically accessible in your Slack channels.

How it works

1) Add the lumio extension to your Chrome from the chrome web store. It's free.

You'll love it, you'll be able to manage your stuff in a really flexible way and you can integrate it all into your Slack account.

2) Following installing the extension you can start using it right away, no signup is required.

Create an account to have your data saved in the cloud too. You'll be able to access it from any desktop Chrome browser to which the lumio extension is added.

3) Create a lumio card collection and link it to one of your Slack channels

With lumio you can organize all your saved content in flexibly manageable collections. You can match all your collections with your Slack channels in which all your saved content will automatically appear.

Open the 'More actions' menu of a collection, then
- click 'Add to Slack',

- sign in to your Slack team in Slack's sign-in popup window,
- click 'Authorize' to authorize lumio to post to the selected Slack team,
- then select the Slack channel you want lumio to post to,
and you're done, your collection is integrated with your Slack channel.

4) Whenever you come across an interesting piece of information, a sentence, a paragraph, an image, a chart, an infograph or an entire article, save it in a collection

Highlight whatever you'd like to save,
- click the lumio save button,
- select the appropriate collection on your new card,

and everyone in your team will be able to see the information and source you thought worth being highlighted.

No more copying links or entire articles to Slack no one will ever go through. lumio makes your information sharing more productive.

In this way you can save all related information in one folder and share it in Slack in one single click. As projects and topics go on, it will be all easily searchable and everyone in your team will be able to access all saved content on all devices, including mobile and tablet.

Stay tuned, much more is in the works.